macrogen USA is a fast-growing biotechnology company with expertise on DNA sequencing. We are currently searching for a motivated Lab Technician who can work full-time.
Job description:
Laboratory technician will be responsible for performing routine experiments on a daily basis using laboratory equipments. Paid training will be provided but, knowledge of basic science is recommended and attitude to learn new techniques/methods is required. It is important that the technician is open minded and can accept constructive guidance from senior technicians.
Role and Responsibilities:
Operate computer-based laboratory systems, record data, and perform laboratory tests.
Execute Microbiology experimental procedures such as handling bacteria cell cultures, isolation of DNA, gel electrophoresis, and PCR. Duties heavily involve micro pipetting and meticulous measuring.
Interact with clients to provide information in response to inquiries, concerns, and requests about services and analysis of results.
Prepare solution, reagents, and stains according to laboratory formulas and procedures.
Monitor performances of instruments and schedule routine maintenances. May also perform minor repairs and/or replacement of standard parts.
Record and analyze inventory and laboratory material and supplies in accordance with the established policies and procedures.
Independently perform equipment maintenances (daily, weekly, and biannually) accordance with the established policies and procedures.
Notify and report to supervisors of any quality issues and document them appropriately.
Monitor usage of critical reagents.
Keep laboratory and working areas organized and clean including strict organization for client samples.
Produce high quality data while working under the pressure of strict deadlines.
Recognize deviations from normal situations and results, resolve problems within the area of expertise, and inform the supervisor when the problem is outside of their scope, experience, or authority.
Be responsible for brainstorming areas of necessary improvements and revising SOPs.
Perform other laboratory management procedures and duties as assigned by the supervisor.
​Qualifications and Education Requirements:
B.S., B.A., or A.A.S degree in Life Sciences or equivalent required.
Strong background in molecular biology required with experiences in Genetics and Genomics preferred.
Excellent interpersonal skills; both verbal and written, are essential.
Strong attention to detail and ability to multitask.
Additional requirements:
Must be able to work weekends and holidays
Looking for an individual who is willing to relocate

Please e-mail resumes and cover letters to with [Application - CES Laboratory Technician].
Thank you very much!
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