Dear Student Leader,


We are reaching out to inform you of a unique conference opportunity taking place this Summer and Winter 2021: the 14th Korea-America Student Conference! We would greatly appreciate it if you would be willing to share the enclosed information with your students/organization.


The Korea-America Student Conference (KASC) is currently recruiting Korean Delegates for its 14th iteration which has been structured as a hybrid model. The Conference will meet virtually from July 11th to July 31st, and then in-person in Seoul and San Francisco between December 27th, 2021 and January 8th, 2022. KASC is an academic, professional, and cultural conference that provides the next generation of student leaders with valuable experience in engaging with US-Korea relations. Additionally, it provides students with broader exposure to various issues and topics pertaining to East Asia, the United States, and Asia-Pacific relations. 


Our application will be open until May 21st for prospective Korean Delegates. Please refer to the attached poster and information packet for further details regarding the application, conference dates and locations, as well as the participation fee.


If you have any questions, please reach out to or go to our website.


With gratitude,

The 14th Korea-America Student Conference Executive Committee

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번호 제목 닉네임 조회 등록일
1132 이에이엔테크놀로지 친환경건축 컨설턴트 채용공고
223 2021-05-31
1131 [삼성생명] Data Science 부문 박사 및 경력사원 채용
288 2021-05-28
1130 [삼성전자DS] 삼성전자 DS부문 글로벌인프라총괄 채용공고
301 2021-05-23
1129 [현대자동차] 2021 현대자동차 Global H-Experience 채용
238 2021-05-23
Selected Summer & Winter 2021 Opportunity for Korean Students, 14th Korea-America Student Conference
253 2021-05-15
1127 [SK이노베이션] 차세대배터리 연구개발(R&D) 채용
210 2021-05-15
1126 [이수그룹] 2021 이수그룹 채용연계형 인턴십 모집 (~6.10(목) 10시)
177 2021-05-15
1125 [CJ대한통운] 2021년 미래기술 분야 산학 장학생 선발
232 2021-05-12
1124 인하대학교 전기공학과 신임교원 채용
317 2021-04-23
1123 2021 KRAFTON 대규모 채용
433 2021-04-22
1122 오늘의집 Backend Developer (채용연계형 인턴) 채용
201 2021-04-22
1121 [삼양그룹] 2021 상반기 Global Talent 모집(~4.26)
210 2021-04-22
1120 전북대학교 기계시스템공학부 2021학년도 하반기 전임교원 공개초빙 안내
470 2021-04-14
1119 2021 LINE AD Platform 채용 연계형 인턴 (Server / Client / Machine Learning) 공고
228 2021-04-13
1118 [삼성디스플레이] 채용공고 첨부 파일
270 2021-04-10
1117 동화기업_2021 해외대 졸업생 신입채용 첨부 파일
233 2021-04-10
1116 2021 LG전자 온라인 리크루팅
528 2021-04-10
1115 2021년 삼성전기 박사 채용 및 박사 장학생 모집 공고 첨부 파일
378 2021-04-05
1114 경북대학교 2021학년도 제2차 교수 초빙 안내 첨부 파일
272 2021-04-05
1113 인공지능 기반 신약 설계회사 스탠다임 채용 공고
266 2021-03-26
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